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our story

meet lila
Waking up to the feeling of a fresh morning breeze, accompanied by the warming rays of sunshine that peek through the curtains. Charging your house with warmth and new energy. A home filled with delightful moments in time, created by friends and family. It’s the simple things in life that bring joy. The simplicity of a happy gathering, decorated with a durable lifestyle. A touch of softness, nature, and luxe.

lila gathers all these feelings into a thoughtful design, timeless items, and slow fashion. Items that immediately bring joy upon touching or seeing them. All are made out of linen that is cultivated, processed, and designed in Belgium. Hence the name lila. When flax is ready to cultivate, it colours its fields with a beautiful purple flower. Only gracing you with its presence for a few hours. A delicate gesture before being refined into the linen you’ll enjoy. For baby. For parents. For home. 

meet the duo
A story that is rooted in a female duo; a woman who found her passion for linen and a friend with an instinct for fashion. Jolien found her love for linen through her husband. Living on the rhythm of the flax and enjoying the process of its cultivation. A meticulous, 100-day cycle that starts with a seed, growing into a little plant, and marking its presence with beautifully purple-coloured fields.

Lisa has a heart for fashion, simplicity, and lifestyle. Enjoying the little things in life; like the feeling of freshly washed sheets, a cup of tea in the afternoon, and the smell of freshly baked homemade bread. Conveying these emotions into fashion- and lifestyle pieces, without losing the pureness of the fabric. Creating a softspoken product that livens up the room, ready to create new memories.

A white lila linnen cover sheet in a basket
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